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Dux Brew Bar - Dux Central

Surrounded by exposed brick walls, with an American oak bar, brass fittings and industrial lighting, the Brew Bar “smacks of a London pub” - only we serve our beer cold! 
As the name suggests, beer is the focus here, with a truly ridiculous number of beer choices available (roughly 180, ranging in price from $8 to $100!) The beer list is an ever-changing nirvana of beer discovery including our own Dux beers, other local boutique craft beers, and a few more well known options - there is something there for every taste. Once in a while, a guest beer will take a spot on the 12- strong line-up of tap beer, only available until the barrel is gone (keep an eye on Facebook for guest beer introductions). 
If you would like a suggestion, ask any of the bar staff.
Of course, you don’t have to drink beer here – if you prefer the grape over the hop, we also offer a selection of The Emerald Room’s extensive wine list; and if a gin and tonic, whiskey and dry, cognac or single malt is your preference the Brew Bar is also stocked with a full spirit collection. (We are also happy to offer L'Affare Espresso coffee, and all kinds of non-alcohol refreshment). 
Our full menu is available throughout the venue, offering small plates,
sharing plates as well as pizza and main dishes.
The menu provides plenty of options for both vegetarians and meat-eaters.
Please remember Dux Central is a licensed R18 venue.  Minors are welcome however only when accompanied by natural parent or legal guardian.
The only day of the year we close is Christmas Day - See you soon.



The Emerald Room

Our passion for wine is expressed in The Emerald Room, which has been perfectly described as “high end, intimate and slick”. This intimate, opulent and elegant space brings the “deluxe” to Dux Central with its plush green velvet furnishings, gold accents and mood lighting.
It is the ideal space for a catch up with friends. 
With over 70 choices, you are almost guaranteed to find an old favourite listed, and absolutely guaranteed to discover a new favourite if you decide to branch out. The bar offering also includes premium spirits and cocktails, along with a taste of the
Brew Bar’s craft beer selection. 
Enjoy a glass, or share a bottle with something tasty
from the full menu which is also available. 

 Please remember Dux Central is a licensed R18 venue.  Minors are welcome however only when accompanied by natural parent or legal guardian.


The Upper Dux. Dux Central

Exposed brick and beams frame our multi-purpose zone. While the downstairs bars have a focus on beer in the Brew Bar or Wine in The Emerald Room, Upper Dux borrows its offering from both with a taste from each available, alongside the full menu from the kitchen. 

Upper Dux is a bit of a chameleon, changing its vibe to suit: in the early evening you may find a mix of diners and friends catching up over a bottle of wine, while later in the evening a you may find yourself entertained by a DJ or live band. 

Upper Dux can also cater for bookings of up to 110 guests for any type of gathering:
corporate or private, from workshops and seminars to celebrating landmark birthdays
or other celebrations.

Contact to arrange your next special event.

 Please remember Dux Central is a licensed R18 venue.  Minors are welcome however only when accompanied by natural parent or legal guardian.


The Court Yard

Whether you are new to The Dux Family or have fond memories of long afternoons at
the old place, you are going to feel instantly at home in our stunning outdoor area.
This two level courtyard is fully covered and heated and those great big globe lights
are the perfect backdrop for dusk-lit Instagram selfies! 
With a combination of low and high seating, with an area for those who smoke and for those who don’t you will soon find your favourite spot and to send out that clarion call to
“meet me at The Dux”

 Please remember Dux Central is a licensed R18 venue.  Minors are welcome however only when accompanied by natural parent or legal guardian.



The Poplar Social Club

The Poplar Social Club is our little cousin to Dux Central, with it's own separate entrance directly off Poplar Lane.
This is a speakeasy - a bar borne of the Prohibition era and dedicated to the craft of the cocktail, and all other libations besides. 
Come slide into a leather booth or select your position up at the bar and prepare to be transported to days gone by when ladies were dames and men were gents. 

 Please remember The Poplar Social Club and Dux Central is a licensed R18 venue.  Minors are welcome however only when accompanied by natural parent or legal guardian.





Main Menu




Dux de Lux


Since 1978 Dux de Lux provided local and international guests with fuel for the mind
and the body, and over the years became an iconic institution within the New Zealand
hospitality industry. 

Originally situated in the Christchurch Arts Centre until February 2011, Dux de Lux included
a Seafood and Vegetarian Restaurant, Brewery Bar (complete with onsite brewery) 
Music Venue, and Functions venue. In addition to these were our two famous large courtyards synonymous with “beers and food in the courtyard”.

Then known as ‘Micro Breweries’ Dux de Lux added one of the first craft breweries in New Zealand in 1989 and went on to be awarded a plethora of brewing awards year on year for each of our staple brews.

Our Tavern Bar Music Venue hosted many of the country’s top performers and in some cases these acts got their start right in our modest and effective music venue.

New Year’s Eve at The Dux was one of the biggest parties in Christchurch and saw nearly all of the biggest acts New Zealand had to offer including the likes of The Exponents, The Feelers, Salmonella Dub, Shapeshifter, Shihad, The Mutton Birds and many, many more.

Christmas Eve also became an enormous night on the social calendar with returning ex-locals meeting up with friends and family. The phrase “Meet you at The Dux” was echoed around the city simply because everyone knew that a great time was always to be had there.

Our Seafood and Vegetarian menu offered something for forward thinking individuals and quickly proved that even the hardest carnivore could find something on our menu to satisfy. We have maintained this philosophy at Dux Dine, our multi award winning restaurant on Riccarton Road. Here at Dux Central we have changed the rules to best suit the more bar oriented atmosphere and have added meat to the menu for the first time in the Dux's history.
Since the life changing event in February 2011 Dux had to take the main components that formed Dux de Lux and relocate each aspect, as finding another all-encompassing single complex simply wasn’t an option. 

Dux Live was the first location to be secured, mid-way through 2011, and it was instantly recognised as ideal live music venue. Keeping the very industrial aesthetic and incorporating the mezzanine floor we set about transforming the room into New Zealand Best Music and Entertainment Venue as awarded in 2014 and 2015 by Hospitality New Zealand. This venue has seen numerous local and international artists over a multitude of genres. 

The classic villa that houses Dux Dine was sympathetically converted into what is now a multi award winning Seafood and Vegetarian restaurant, voted The People’s Choice Best Establishment in 2014 and 2015, among other awards. Sourcing our produce as local as possible allows us to offer the freshest product from the land and the sea.

The last piece of the puzzle was Dux Central which incorporates the Brew Bar, Functions Venue and Courtyard from Dux de Lux with the addition of the Emerald Room Wine and Spirit Bar and The Poplar Social Club speakeasy cocktail bar.



We have a number of areas throughout our four bar complex, each deal for a wide range of events be they corporate, celebratory, private, launch, seminar, workshop, and plenty more, you have the reason; we have the perfect venue/s. Each with full bar facilities and the ability to cater to your requirements, we pride ourselves with over 100 years combined experience within our Dux Family.

Our endeavour is always to make your event and experience the perfect and memorable occasion it you deserve it to be.

To book a group of 12 guests or less please click here.

To book for a group of 13 or more please click here.

Please remember Dux Central is a licensed R18 venue.  Minors are welcome however only when accompanied by their natural parent or legal guardian.

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We do take a limited number of dining reservations throughout the complex however we always leave a number of tables available
for our bar guests and our full menu is available throughout. 

Dux Central is a R18 licensed venue, minors are welcome only when accompanied by natural parent or legal guardian.

Main Line - (03) 9437830

10 Poplar Street, Christchurch

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